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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  October 15, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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certain place where's there might be large gatherings, like football games, something that is being looked at right now. he also blamed the cdc for not instructing the hospital to tell folks not to get on airplanes. >> that's all for now. the ed show is coming up next. >> good evening americans, welcome to the ed show live from new york, let's get to work. >> we are contingencies for more and that is a very real possibility. >> officials say there may be other cases. >> the cdc, local officials knew about this. >> there was an exposure somewhere. >> one flew out of the area. >> i don't think we have a systematic problem. >> the cdc clearly fell down on the job. >> i've been hearing loud and
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clear from health care workers from around the country that they're worried. >> i do have confidence in the cdc and dr. frieden. >> i wish we had put a team like this on the ground the day the first patient was diagnosed. >> obviously one case is too many. >> good to have you with us tonight folks. thanks for watching. we start with breaking news on ebola that's happening here in the united states as we're waiting for remarks from the president on ebola just moments ago. we'll get that tape to you soon and bring it to you when the president speaks. first a second nurse at a texas health hospital has tested positive for ebola. she's been identified as amber vincent. amber vincent provided care to the first ebola patient thomas duncan who later passed away. she will be transferred to atlanta to under go treatment.
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she was put within isolation of getting a fever on monday morning. vincent travelled on frontier airlines flight 1143. she showed no signs or symptoms on the flight hauowever the cdcs reaching out to all passengers and crew that were on that flight, anyone who might be at risk will be closely monitored. cdc director said there is a very low risk to anyone who travelled on that flight. the airplane was moved and decontaminated and is expected to be back in operation later this evening. vincent is related to three workers at ken state university who have been asked to remain off campus for 21 days. total of 77 workers treated at
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texas hospital. other 25 are being closely monitored. cdc said monitored workers are not able to travel. so far two have fallen ill with ebola and there's a chance others will get sick. the nurses from dallas asked to stay anonymous for fears they might lose their jobs. here's what they told national nurses united.
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as we reported on this program, nurses around the country feel like the hospitals are not prepared to handle ebola. survey shows 85% nurses say their hospital hasn't provided education on ebola with the ability to ask questions. 37% say the hospital has insufficient protective gear. these issues must be addressed or more accidents will happen. for more i'll bring in nbc news correspondent from the white house tonight. there has to be a heightened sense of urge ens amongst the white house personnel what are you hearing. >> at any moment we expect the group of the reporters known as
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white house pool will bring out the tape after the president talked about this issue. it is not a live feed. we're expecting that tape. that will give us the newest indication of the president's concerns and steps he's prepared to take. earlier today, president cancelled some fundraising in order to be here, it gives an indication of how they consider this an urgent matter. also talk being t-- talking abot changes in protocol. we know dr. thomas frieden suggested it may have been more prudent to send a team of experts to the dallas hospital right away. now we're seeing changes in protocols. lots of questions.
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the likelihood of this spreading is still very, very remote and still difficult to catch. now there are issues of transportation involved and more than one case in the united states that there are issues they need to consider and work out. we expect to hear the president's remarks at any time now. it is notable the president cancelled political travel, only three weeks away from election, it is a time where both facts and perception are a concern, trying to ease people's fears, provide them informing and at the same time questions being raised about how effective is the management on this. those are questions that are popping up because of concerns about the varying protocols. were there concerns or misunderstandings among the nurse who's have contracted the illness, we expect to hear a bit more about that from the president.
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we know he had a conference with world leaders to talk about the international community to address this especially with expect to west africa. not saying a travel ban would be appropriate saying it would slow relief efforts and attempts to bring aid to the outbreak there where it is far more serious than what we've seen in the united states. >> thanks for your time. let me bring in the founding dean of baylor college of medicine. doctor good to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> the nurses on the scene at the hospital on that conference call last night clearly explain that there has been a breach in protocol, certain measures weren't followed and there was exposure that no one knew about normal now. what's your take on that? zblrz zbl well, i think we're
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learning that we can't treat complicated ebola patients at community hospitals and that we really need specialty hospitals for that purpose such as the three we have in atlanta, nebraska and montana. and if you think about it, that makes sense, we don't treat complicated cancer patients at community hospitals, why should ebola be any different. >> well, doctor, it would seem to me that someone in a position of authority now hearing the front line defenders and care providers come out and explain exactly what unfolded with mr. duncan who passed away a week ago that someone would say this can't happen. and some overriding authority is going to have to come in and make some changes. what changes have to be made? you just mentioned about the community hospitals. what would be the overriding authority and how would all that
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unfold? >> well i think it is worth taking a step back and really understanding a little more about this virus and who is at risk and who is not. remember when you're first infected with the ebola virus, the amount of virus in your body is very low and the risk of transmission from person to person in an airplane or other settings, is practically zero. first i want to put people at ease that we're not going to see an ebola outbreak anywhere between dallas or cleveland. the thing about this virus, it has a unique ability to inactivate our defense mechan m mechanism. it is very important because what happens in the end stage of disease we get massive virus proliferation. you could have a patient with billions of virus particles in their body destroying liver and other organs. so that's why people are a bit
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confused. we are saying it's not that contagious but we are having health care providers getting this virus. so we have to do it in a special setting. >> if two have fallen ill, do you think there will be other who's will get sick? >> it's possible. i'm hopeful it won't be given the incubation period of the virus. i was hopeful that miss pham was going to be the last nurse infected but we'll have to see. there could be one or two more. >> there are four hospitals around the country with specialized biocontaminate units. should there be more precautions taken? if i were on that airplane and
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found out a health care provider who was in direct contact with duncan that i was around i would say i don't feel real good about that. i would feel someone's head ought to roll on that. >> clearly this nurse should not have travelled. i don't know what kind of miscommunication there was between the nurse and hospital staff and others. that was clearly a bad move. but you know, i guess we're still in the early stages of really understanding what this virus is all about. in some ways i think an enormous amount has been learned over the last couple weeks and we're being new changes being implemented by the cdc. there may have been a couple missteps, but has not been a community transmission of the virus. meaning mr. duncan hasn't passed the virus out to the community because of the cdc and health
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agency who's have been able to identify contacts and to isolate them. which is the opposite of the situation we would have in liberia, seer sierra leone, or guinea. >> why aren't the folks who should be isolated, why aren't they flagged as a public health concern that they won't be able to get on an airplane in the future. there's clearly a hole and i want to know how that happened. >> for a week we've been told the country will have it under control, yet another piece of information comes out, i think those nurses speaking, because they were afraid they might get fired, that's not a good situation to be in. you got a workplace of
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intimidation and you got people's lives on the line and they're afraid to speak up and they have this conference call and they are talking about exposure. who real reels that in? who comes in with the hammer. >> we are seeing the protocols are not what they need to be. the preparedness is not what it needs to be. i'm talked to hospitals in my community, they are playing offense on this, not waiting around, which is good news, we got great leaders in those hospitals but the reality is $200 million has been cut from health and human services preparedness. lost $10 million in ohio hospital alone. not to mention budget cuts in certain states. how could these hospitals be prepared if they don't have the resources. i think congress should be called back in session. we need an emergency spending
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bill. we're spending $1 billion in western africa through the military, only $88 million was allocated for the cdc. we need to get back to d.c. and make sure that we get some new eyeballs on this to make sure all the procedures are being followed and the resources are there. you don't want to come back later and say we didn't the have enough money or didn't the make enough investments to track down anybody on that airplane or any further extensive contact tracking. any personnel you need people. >> should there be strict over sight of these hospitals that are dealing with this in handling ebola. i mean, clearly the nurses are saying that there are issues when it comes to education, preparedness, funding and exposure. so what is the over sight, some hospital administrator who wants to make a dollar? and make sure there's certainme
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protocols being followed. you got to catch it where it is. you got to dpet it rigget it ri not wait aaround. the cdc should have the personnel to do that. i'm not sure what happened in texas. the full story will probably continue to reveal itself. >> your thoughts on a travel ban? >> i don't mknow if we're there yet but i do think if we need certain protocols in place in western africa to make sure there is screening in place. that may be something we need to look at. but i think we need to get back to d.c. so members of congress are educated about what all our options are. and hearing it from the cdc and public health experts as to what decisions we should be making now. >> it is clear the hospital in daps adallas are doing things te
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cdc didn't know about. that's one hell of a concern. >> big concern. >> we're taking the hospital's word they are on par but oh, by the way one of their people are traveling, who knows how many people are exposed. >> i don't think there's many hospitals in our country given all the state and local cuts to health that could possibly be prepared for an ebola outbreak. not many can be there. so immediately the cdc should go in and not take over the whole hospital but certainly manage and make sure the workforce there is prepared and trained and following the proper procedures and protocols. >> okay. good to have you with us congressman. we will get you the tape of president obama as soon as we can we'll get it to you. coming up americans vote against their own best interest. i spoke to the folks of newton,
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iowa. rather interesting. plus republicans continue to fight for income and equality. keep it here. we're right back. is a.
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across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. welcome back to the ed show. what's hot, what's not. join our social media on facebook, twitter and we have a podcast. ed show social media nation is deciding here are today's top trenders voted on by you. >> the number three trender. time flies. >> the most bizarre story we
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have seen in a while. >> we were working on an experimental craft. >> the search is on for a six-year-old boy named falcon. >> it's been five years since balloon boy became a national spectacle. >> the boy was waiting in the at zblik it has been determined this was a hoax. >> it was never a hoax. >> you said we did this for a show. >> the number two trender. web woes. >> kentucky connect is the website. >> more than one out of every 12 kentuckyians have health insurance through consecutive. >> it is a state exchange they can continue if this they like to. >> you would support the tings of connect. >> i think it is fine to have a website, yeah.
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>> hello computer zpl the website can continue but in my view the best interest in the country would be achieved by pulling out obamacare root and branch. >> the information super highway is closed. in today's top trender money business. >> the dscc has announced they won't invest any more in kentucky. >> another way of saying this one is over. >> bad news for middle class workers. >> raising the minimum wage is not the answer. >> when you increase the minimum wage you help to expand the middle class. >> there are times minimum wage would be appropriate but not had jobless economy. >> 20 million american woz benefit from minimum wage increase. >> i don't think it serves a purpose. >> we will have more on what a republican controlled congress would mean for the united states
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economy. first, a volatile global economy is taking a toll at home. the do yw ended 173 points down. s&p down off less than 21-1%. and we are joined now by larry. >> the opening looks really ugly. i've been around a while but that looked ugly. >> what's going on? >> i think there's a bunch of things, the biggest thing i keep hearing is growth. people are very worried that the world economy is going down the tubes. starts in europe and then come to the u.s. and wind up in japan and china. i don't happen to believe that.
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i acknowledge the world economy is slow. i actually think the u.s.a. is better, believe it or not. europe is worse, however. my view, take it for what it is worth. sometimes i'm right sometimes i'm wrong. i would buy this correction. i would absolutely add to my 401k. i see no inflation, i see profits rising. i think oil prices are unambiguously great for both consumers and businesses. >> anybody will take a good gas price but we're of course using less gas. >> we are. >> since 2007 and 2013. >> you got the fracking revolution putting oil on gas on the market and secondly you have lower consumption. i thought the price would break last spring. i'm amazed that it waited this long. >> profits are going to
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continue. interest rates are going to be about where they are. >> they'll go up. >> and the market is going to stay stable and energy prices will help the fourth zblaquarte >> i agree. >> how can you be right on so much stuff and wrong on the hard workers. >> i know i want to see the hard workers get jobs. i think the economy is moving up a little bit. been running at 2% for five years, not a good recovery. evidence shows you may be moving in two and half to 3%. next couple quarters could be in 3% zone. i think it is good for america. >> why is the republican party better suited to create jobs than the democrats or does it matter? >> well look i think it can matter. i'm writing a book about jfk and his tax cut that's gave america one of the greatest economic
2:26 pm
booms in history. i will say this, to me, the two biggest things we should be doing right now, we should pass the keystone pipe line and get that whole momentum going and create hundreds of thousands of blue collar jobs. second i want a corporate tax cut. and i will argue the people who will benefit the most are not rich people, they are actually wage earners. middle classearnerarners. >> i want to give testimony about how i can keep my cool. the key stone exxon pipe line will not create hundreds of thousands of jobs they are temporary jobs maybe 30,000 in construction, less than 18 months and 40 full time jobs at the end of the day. >> but you have a lot of services and traps portation. i bet the pipe line itself is
2:27 pm
about 50,000 jobs. >> not true. >> when you calculate it out over a period of time will you get a lot of jobs. the president has flirted with the key stone. i guess he doesn't want to do it before the election. send a signal. energy has become our greatest industry. send a signal. if you want to talk infrastructure, we need pipe line infrastructure to get all that stuff from north dakota, goodet it to the east coast to the refineries so gas price kz come down. >> pipe lines leak, it is a big risk putting it over the aquifer, and yet we don't need it, it's the worse oil in the world. >> no, no, no, but, but, but, no, the key stone pipe line, i
2:28 pm
agree is heavy but the infrastructure i'm talking about will get the ultra light oil from the dakotas to the rest of the country. >> that's already being done by rail. >> not enough. >> warren buffet is moving all that oil and the farlemers are d because they can't get the grain on there. >> but it is a lot safer to do it by pipe line. you should be really in faf vorf it. obama has said we have lots of pipe lines. >> we do but not going over aquifer, this is way too much of a risk. >> they got around that. >> no they haven't. it is not permitted in south dakota, that ran out. it's a constitutional issue for imminent domain in nebraska. big issue there. can't have the government say i think i will put a pipe line
2:29 pm
over your land. the risk is too great and the oil is dirty as hell. no reason for us to do it. we are pumping more oil than every across the dakotas right now so why take canada oil, it doesn't effect our market at all. >> the canadians will pump no matter what you do. either west to china or the latest one, they will go east. that's an interesting thing because, and this is my biggest -- or second biggest point -- i want to get all this fracking oil to europe. when you get into europe you're under mining vladimir putin and his crypto empire. >> we are hurting putin right now because we're using less oil than ever. wind, solar, battery is where we have to go as a country and that is where we have to invest.
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>> it's only 2%. >> you're coming back. i got to run here. larry, good to have you with us anks so much. >> my pleasure. coming up, americans vote personality over policy. ♪ [ male announcer ] when you see everyone in america almost every day, you notice a few things. like the fact that you're pretty attached to these. ok, really attached. and that's alright. because we'll text you when your package is on the way.
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so, here are your choices: take the bus. or get liberty mutual insurance. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. call liberty mutual insurance. welcome back to the ed show. the senate race in iowa is closer than ever. the latest poll has braley trailing by just two points behind ernst. ernst is supportive of the coke brothers and doesn't believe in
2:38 pm
federal minimum wage. she is opposed to the tax credits. she wants to get rid of the environmental protection agency. she said she would have voted against the farm bill's clean water act. it raises questions what motivates people to vote against their own self-interest. i went to newton iowa to talk to folks why they were siding with ernst. >> who did you vote for? >> i voted republican party this time. zwl this time. you voted for democrats in the past? >> i have. >> what pushed to the republicans in the middle of the country this time? >> because harry reed is the guy i like the most. >> what do you think of all the philibusters the republicans have had in the senate. and when you hear the word
2:39 pm
obstruction what is your response to that. >> it could be kind of a waist of time and money. >> what philibuster are you talking about. >> well there's a record number of philibusters, in other words, the senate has been stopped by the minority party on everything that they have tried to pass, a record number of philibusters. >> that's the problem, they don't vote on anything. it's harry reed doesn't let it come to the floor. so they're never passed a budget in five years in the senate. how could you run a government without a budget? >> joining me tonight on rapid response panel brad woodhouse and harold cook from texas. gentleman. good to have you with us tonight. >> thanks ed. >> it's tough to go to the middle of the country and listen to people who simply don't know what the hell is going on. where's the disconnect when it
2:40 pm
comes to issues that are vital to people's lives yet they vote against their own interest. >> it is often a head scratcher 678 take the issue of seniors. so many seniors will vote with republicans who want to voucherize their medicare, priva privateize or eliminate associatsocial security. saying hands off my health care when they're on medicare. part of it is the polarization, part of it is people oenly get their information from certain sources either on the media or the internet. but we got to keep plugging away, which is why i think braley is making progress in recent polls.
2:41 pm
>> harry reed has been targeted. it reached one couple. >> i think in general there are sometimes three things going on when people vote against their self-interest. number one republicans are better at stating up that 30,000 foot value statement level when a lot of voters won't be aware they are stabbing them selves in the back. it's not a rare republican who will walk around and say i'm in favor of the free market to grow the economy. that doesn't sound half bad to some people, even minimum wage workers, that probably means that candidate will not be supporting worker protections in case you get hurt on the job, may not believe in the minimum wage at all. that's thing number one. thing number two, i've seen it here a lot in texas, republicans, hate to say it, they'll just lie.
2:42 pm
we've got republican candidates running all over the state of texas convincing voters that public education is their highest priority. these are the same republicans who voted to cut $5.5 billion from the education budget and they crowded classrooms and laid off teachers. they will lie. we ought to be very careful that we don't disrespect voters because a lot of times what we believe should be, you know, logically, in a voter's best self interest, is not what the voter himself believes in his best interest, they may be distracted by a lot of things and the republicans have been very good at it especially when it comes to their partnership with religious right. >> is minimum wage an issue that will drive people? >> i do, i think it has helped
2:43 pm
in iowa to a great extent and it's not just minimum but the issues around minimum wage. >> gentleman. i have to interrupt you. we just got in this obama tape speaking about ebola. here it is. >> second health care worker in dallas with ebola and in light of this second case, i thought it was very important for me to bring together our team, including our cdc director, tom frieden to hear directly from them in terms of how we're ramping up our efforts here. obviously initially we want to express concern for the two health workers who have been effected. our nurses and health care workers are absolutely vital to the health and well being to our families. they sacrifice for us all the time, not just in this case, but in the case of other illnesses that effect us. they are selfless, they work hard, they are often under paid.
2:44 pm
and so, our thoughts and prayers are with them and we have to make sure that we are doing everything we can to take care of them even as they take care of us. as a consequence what we've been doing today is reviewing exactly what we know about what's happened in dallas and how we're going to make sure that something like this is not repeated. and that we are monitoring, supervisi supervising, overseeing in a much more aggressive way exactly what's taken place in dallas initially in making sure the lessons learned are transmitted to hospitals and clinics all across the country. first of all, what i've directed the cdc to do is that as soon as somebody is diagnosed with ebola we want a rapid response team, a swat team essentially from the cdc to be on the ground
2:45 pm
hopefully within 24 hours, so that they are taking the local hospital step-by-step to exactly what needs to be done. and making sure that all the protocols are properly observed that the use of protective equipment is done effectively. that the disposal of that protective equipment is done properly. the key thing to understand about this disease is these protocols work. we know that because they've been used for decades now. in ebola cases around the world. including the cases that were treat in emory and nebraska. so if they're done properly, they work. but we have to make sure that understandably certain local hospitals may not have that experience are walked through that process as carefully as
2:46 pm
possible and we will make sure this rapid response team can do that. in addition, we are reviewing every step of what's happened since mr. duncan was initially brought in to the hospital in dallas so we understand exactly where some of the problems may have occurred. and doing a thorough canvas and inventory of all the workers who had contact with mr. duncan including those who are engaged in some of the testing that took place. we are now communicating all these various lessons to hospitals, clinics, first responders around the country and obviously given all the attention this has received we are going to make sure that that provision of information is consta constant, ongoing and being updated on a realtime basis. in addition, we are working very carefully with the mayor of dallas, the governor of texas
2:47 pm
and others to make sure that in the event any other case as rise from these health workers, that they are properly cared for in a way that is consistent with public safety. i know that people are concerned about the fact that the second health care worker had travelled. here's what we know about ebola. that it is not like the flu. it is not airborne, the only way that a person can contract ebola is by coming into direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is showing symptoms. in other words, if they don't have symptoms, they are not contagious. what we are able to do, however, is to do what's called contact tracing so that anybody who may have had contact with someone even if it was incidental contact, even if they weren't showing symptoms, being able to
2:48 pm
identify who those individuals are and make sure that they are then being monitored to allow us to make certain the disease doesn't pred further. doesn't spread further. that is taking place conducted by cdc, hhs, and the rest of our teams. i want to use myself as an example so people have a sense of the science here. i shook hands with, hugged, and kissed, not the doctors, but a couple of the nurses at emory because of the valiant work that they did. in treating one of the patients. they followed the protocols, they knew what they were doing, and i felt perfectly safe doing so. and so, this is not a situation in which, like a flu, the risks of a rapid spread of the disease
2:49 pm
are imminent. if we do these protocols properly, follow the steps, get the information out, then the likelihood of widespread ebola out break in this country are very, very low. but, i think what we've all learned over the last several weeks is that folks here in this country and a lot of nonspecialized hospitals and clinics don't have that much experience dealing with these issues and so we're going to have to push at this information as aggressively as possible and that's the instructions i've provided to my team. just a couple other points. you know, we are going to be monitoring carefully the health status of the other health care workers in dallas. and obviously they're concerned. we understand many of them are scared and we're going to make
2:50 pm
sure that we're on the ground 24/7 to provide them the kind of support, information, and assurances they need to get through this particular challenge. this particular challenge. finally we'll be continually examining our screening processes at airports. we're making sure that in the event we have additional cases that involve the need for transporting those patients to specialized hospitals, that those teams are in place and those facilities are in place. and we will make sure that on a day-to-day basis, we provide the public with all the information they need and any updates about what has happened. not just in dallas but what is being done across the country. i'll end with this point. we are going to have to make sure that we do not lose sight of the importance of the international response to what
2:51 pm
is taking place in west africa. i am absolutely confident that we can prevent a serious outbreak of the disease here in the united states. but it becomes more difficult to do so if this epidemic of ebola rages out of control in west africa. if it does, then it will spread globally. in an age of frequent travel and the kind of constant interaction that's people have across borders. so it is very important for us to understand that the investment we make in helping liberia, sierra leone and guinea deal with this problem is an investment in our own public health. this is not simply charity, although obviously it is important that america takes lead in the humanitarian crisis
2:52 pm
that's taking place there. but it is also probably the single most important thing that we can do to prevent a more serious ebola outbreak in this country is making sure we get a raging epidemic in west africa under control. so for that reason last night i had a call with the prime minister of japan to elicit greater support for the international effort. this morning i spoke with chancellor merkel of germany, the prime minister of italy, david cameron, the prime of great britain to make sure that we are coordinating our efforts, and that we are putting in a lot more resources than so far at least the international community has put into this process. so bottom line, in terms of the public. i want people to understand the dangers of you contracting
2:53 pm
ebola, the dangers of a serious outbreak are extraordinarily low. but we are taking this very seriously at the highest levels of government. and we are going to be able to manage this particular situation but we have to look toward the future and if we are not responding internationally in an effective way, if we do not set up the kind of preparedness and training in our public health infrastructure here in the united states, not just for this outbreak but for future outbreaks, we could have problems. in the meantime i want everyone to be thinking about and praying for the two health workers that have gotten sick. those who also treated this patient with compassion and care. we want to say thank you to them. we are going to do everything we can to make sure they're
2:54 pm
properly cared for. >> the president within the last half-hour at the white house briefing pool reporters on exactly what america's game plan will be in dealing with ebola. clearly the president trying to reduce the fears of the american people here. talking about list personal contact that we had the health care providers at emory university. west africa's problem is our problem. that's pretty much what the president is saying. i'm joined by nbc news correspondent kelly o'donnell at the white house. a very serious situation. they're not taking it lightly. interesting, the s.w.a.t. team. where did that come from? baltimore the white house's idea or from health care providers and professionals suggesting that? >> reporter: we don't know the exact origination of that idea but it is certainly something that is relatable to the public. we have a mental image of what that means. the president was both trying to be reassuring and yet raising a significant amount of caution about the needs that are real
2:55 pm
and the dangers of the ebola virus. at the same time, really trying to hammer home the idea that contracting it is rare and the incidence of that is low even though many people are afraid. the notion of a cdc rapid response team which is something that in effect, dr. frieden, the head of the cdc acknowledges that should have been done to send experts to dallas shortly after that first case of thomas eric duncan who had traveled from west africa to the united states. then the first nurse, now a second nurse. you have to bring in experts who have the equipment and really the understanding of all the circumstances. health care professionals deal with ill patients all the time, this level of protection is not something they do day in, day out. the president acknowledged that. while reminding everyone to have compassion for the nurses with the illness. they were on the front line dealing with that first patient who has now passed away at a point when he was extremely ill.
2:56 pm
we don't have a sense of what their experience was like in terms of their workday there. we've heard from nurses and nurses' representatives, in terms of unions, is there enough information. the president is laying out a change in how things will be done. raising concerns about the need for the international community to get involved. at the same time he put in it personal terms we don't often see from this president or any president when it comes to a crisis like that. giving the anecdote about hugging some of the staffers and touching some of the tafrs at emory where they have made the point that this is not something easily transmitted. he also acknowledged the concerns about travel now that we know the second patient who is now in atlanta traveled by air. and that raises other questions. so the cabinet meeting went on for a considerable amount of time trying to address what has happened so far. changes that need to be made and making that bigger international plea to try to contain the virus
2:57 pm
where it has been most lethal, in west africa. >> and of course the president reiterating that the protocols work. making sure the american people know if these protocols are followed, we will meet the seriousness of this disease even though there is no vaccine for it. interesting how they want communication and use as much technology in communication as they can with the different medical teams. and of course, also do the tracing of contact. now today, amber vincent traveled on frontier airlines, and that airplane has been cleaned and i understand it is back in service. you see a picture of amber. she is being transferred tonight. the president made it clear. it seemed like he was assuring the american people, that we'll get through this and really stating that west south africa where we really have to put
2:58 pm
resources, if we're going to stop this or it will spiral out of control. where does congress come in on that role, as you see it? >> it will be important tomorrow, ed. we will hear from some of the officials, including the head of the centers for disease control at a hearing. we know congress is not in session but a key house committee will be back in town to address some of these concerns. there have been differing responses. some members of congress are saying in both parties, are saying a travel ban is necessary to try to blunt the spread of the illness. there are others who say that is not the right solution and would make things worse in west africa. there will be debates about how much money and resources need to be pushed to this so there are some political dimensions to this, that hearing tomorrow will be another one we'll see it play out. movie and of course the president talked about more screening at airports and the efficiency of that. monitoring the workers. president obama speaking with no notes. it seems like he has a pretty good handle on all of this at this point.
2:59 pm
spending the day canceling a fundraising trip today and making sure that everything is going to be put in place so america can fight this. he said we need to learn from all of the lessons, and all of the mistakes that have been made so far. this s.w.a.t. team, this rapid response team, as the president called it, is something that is going to be used if there are any more cases that are reported of ebola. but it is very clear that the president using his cabinet to the fullest extent and the cdc to get ahead of this and admitting there have been some mistakes made. kelly o'donnell at the white house, i appreciate your time tonight. thank you so much. we will continue to follow this here on msnbc. that tape ran about ten minutes. the president laying out the game plan for exactly what we're going to do as a country. and we'll have more coverage with all of our shows coming up here on msnbc tonight.
3:00 pm
that's the ed show. >> good evening. and thanks to you for tuning in. breaking news on ebola in america. the second nurse diagnosed with ebola is now on a plane at the dallas airport. she will soon head to the emory university hospital in atlanta. officials have identified her as amber vincent, the 29-year-old nurse was part of the team that cared for the late thomas eric duncan. now the cdc is contacting 132 passengers who were on a flight with her just two days ago. shoer what we know right now. president obama canceled a fundraising trip and health an unscheduled meeting with health and national security cabinet members. coordinating the government's


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